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A message from Ted

Today I am 91 years old and praise God for all his blessing and protection.

I have a short testimony which although written many years ago, is an example of how God has protected me, even before I  knew Him.

In later life, hind sight can often be a revelation to us. I became 'born again' at the age of 52 and now at the time of writing I was 85. Looking back, I see clearly that God's hand was upon my life from my birth and long before I was a Christian. It is only now that I have had a revelation on all that he has protected my from.  Many times during WW2 my life was in danger and although I didn't know it at the time, God saved me.  Below is one event in my life and shows God's hand upon it even before I knew Him. I was born on 28th March 1929 and at that time my parents lived with my Grandmother.  At around the age of three I developed a problem with my leg and the hospital consultant wanted to put my leg in 'irons' to straighten it.  At that time it was a common sight to see people with a leg in 'irons', these consisted of steel bar to hold the leg straight and held in place with thick leather straps. The problem was that once these contraptions were fitted the leg generally 'wasted away'. My Grandmother wasn't having any of that and refused to let the hospital fit one to me.  Instead she soaked my leg in oils and keep it heated in front of the living room fire (a form of Rayburn). She did this treatment for several weeks and when the hospital re-examined me they didn't know which leg was supposed to be the bad one.  My Grandmother had prevented me having leg irons fitted.  As a result, in later life I have enjoyed walking with pet dogs as a past time. Had my Grandmother not done what she did I would have been a cripple for life.  I am sure that God was protecting me even way back then.

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