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An answer to prayer

For those of you who know me, know that I am Carpenter/Builder. This week, as I was finishing off at a job I was tidying away in a hurry. I had my phone in the pocket of my overalls. I chucked my overalls in the car with the rest of my equipment, but must have taken my phone out of my pocket put it on the roof of my car.

As we can all appreciate everything to do with my work, and personal life in on my phone.

Before I got home Rach had a call from my Mum, who had a call from a boy who had found my phone in the road, about half a mile from where I was working

He had used Siri, talking into my phone, telling it to call ‘Mum’. Rach then rang him back on my phone and arranged for me to meet him at his local park, where he was hanging out with his mates.

I went, that evening to collect my phone, very grateful to the young person who had been able to let me know that he had it and kept it safe for me.

This small example, of God taking care of the small things, as well as the big has reminded me of His faithfulness. My phone wasn’t even scratched even though it fell off the roof of my car as I was driving, and could have been run over. It fell right where an honest person would find it who knew about using Siri, and God answered before I even knew that I had to pray.

Losing my phone would have been an inconvenience, an annoyance but not the end of the world. God however, is interested in every area of our lives and even in midst of life's big challenges he cares for the small things too.

I wanted to share my story to encourage you, that our heavenly father knows what we need even before we do, and before we call he will answer.

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