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'It is good to give thanks to the Lord'!  An Old Testament verse but the truth of it is underlined in the New Testament after Jesus healed 10 lepers. (Luke 17 v 11-19)  As we know, only ONE of them came back to say 'Thankyou'. The fact that Jesus asked. ' Where are the nine?' shows us that He loves to answer prayer but He does love a 'Thankyou' too.


Two Sundays ago we had an urgent call from one of our members who wanted us to pray for her aunt (84years old). This lady was in a Care Home with Alzheimers and had gone down with Covid-19. The family were distraught and very upset that they couldn't visit. It was the night of our ZOOM Prayer meeting. Those present took this need to the Lord.

In spite of the fact that this lady had got 'crackles' in her lungs and was on a fluids only diet she has made a wonderful recovery. After a week she was out of bed sitting in a chair 'as if she had never been ill'.The family member who brought the need to us says,'I know this news came because everyone prayed. THANK YOU so much for your prayers. They meant a lot to us.'

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