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Jo's story

My name is Jo, I’m Ali’s friend and sit at the front of the church with my youngest son Brodie.

I want to share some amazing things that have been happening this week.

I was brought up in a loving Christian family but I drifted away over the years. I have recently done the Alpha Course and come back to God; my eldest Son Edward is at present doing the Alpha Course. This past week I have been putting Bible verses, Prayers and words of encouragement on my Facebook page. Several people have been liking and sharing them.

One friend in particular, who would have been one of the friends I expected to have mocked me starting liking and commenting, which has resulted in me messaging her daily and answering questions for her. She told me she has been reading her Bible for about a year now and has studied the signs of the end as it interested her. I have been sharing songs and Bible apps and having great conversations with her. Also, my best friend, who in fact, thanks to her father, my mum and dad became Christians, has also been asking questions as she has drifted away as well. She knows I am praying for her daily as she is finding it all hard. My mother in law has also asked questions and has told me she will hunt a bible out and read it.

A few weeks ago, I asked at Alpha, because I was concerned that I had not felt the Holy Spirit, how they all experienced it? I can now say my experience of the Holy Spirit is amazing. This seems to happen every morning and I am just filled up with this emotional, overwhelming experience which results in me messaging and texting people things that I would never have thought I would have said. The words just come out of me and I feel I have to say them.

God is using me and using this virus to reach out to people. I feel I may actually be doing some good.

I am writing this on Friday, and today I have asked my husband Glenn if he would just do one thing for me and watch the Alpha Course with me and the boys each evening. At first he said no but Edward spoke up and persuaded him. So we are going to start that this evening. I will update you on this but please can you Pray for us.

Ali also told me that Vic had anointed communion wine over all her exterior doors and Prayed that God would protect her and not let the virus come into her house. She told me to do this. So last night I did this with Glenn and the boys. I now actually have faith that God will not let the virus into this house and harm us.


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