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Missionary Giving Report

TEC gives regularly to four missionary projects. Giving is based on setting aside a tithe of our income for the work of God in the Global Harvest Field. The projects we support are Norwich Youth for Christ in Norfolk, Philippines Outreach Centre Ministries (Chrissy Perillo) in the Philippines, CAM International (Carol Seymour and Ginny Perkins) in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and The Joshua Project (Kingsley and Cathy Armstrong) which works in many countries.

Norwich Youth for Christ

Norwich Youth for Christ is based in Norwich and works in schools, and also with churches in NYFC/church partnerships. It is particularly interested in reaching young people through music and the media, and in providing resources for those working with young people in Norwich and beyond. NYFC was founded in 1978 and is currently led by Nick Blanche. The offices have recently been moved to the Mousehold Hub in Mousehold Ave, Norwich. Their motto is ‘Seeing Young People’s Lives Changed by Jesus’.

Philippine Outreach Centre Ministries

Chrissy comes from Norwich and as a young Christian felt the call of God to go and work in the Philippines. After working for some time as a single missionary, she married Pastor Dondie Perillo in the Philippines. They are now assisted in their work by their son (Nathanael who visited us with his mother at TEC) and their daughter Monique Sagel.

Their ministries are:

· Two Children’s Homes overseen by Monique (75 children in total);

· Prison Ministries. 4 prisons are visited on a weekly basis;

· A Free Christian Academy for children aged 5 to 16 years;

· Seven churches which are overseen by Pastor Dondie.

CAM International

Carol Seymour went out to Congo in 1973 primarily to teach and train young people in the things of God. Ginny Perkins went in 1991 to train ladies and girls. In the 1990s political upheavals forced them to move from the Training Campus at Kamina to the second biggest town in DRC, Lubumbashi. From their base in Lubumbashi they developed several ministries. Carol, with a lot of help from Ginny, works in TV evangelism, village evangelism, prison visitation work, literature evangelism and helping with relief needs. Ginny has worked particularly hard in the Lighthouse Project which concentrates on teaching (primary school), training of teenagers in manual skills, music and worship, and evangelism.

The Joshua Project

Kingsley and Cathy Armstrong are known to several church members because they pastored for some time in one of the Norwich churches. They come to minister the Word of God at TEC two to three times each year when we catch up with their news. Kingsley feels called to itinerate with a view to building up new churches and young people who are serving the Lord. He speaks at Mission Conferences. Their travels are pretty much worldwide. From time to time they take out groups of Christians to help them in their work. This often proves to be a great inspiration to those who go. As we write (in the middle of the coronavirus epidemic) they are holding a short communion service every day on Facebook!

Maureen - Pastor

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