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A few weeks ago for the weekly email we included the following video in this section of the email to help us think about our giving.

This video, in particular stood out and I just can’t get the bucket overflowing out of my mind.

It got me thinking about my giving, and how the more I give the more I receive, and like the bucket I give out but then get filled up again. It’s a continuous motion.

I am the first to say that I find that life’s distractions always get in the way of my giving and I have found that I have missed opportunities to give to God.

The week after we shared the video in the weekly email, I had tithed and found other opportunities to give to God in one way or another. Nothing big, or extravagant.

What followed was a sequence of events that reminded me of the faithfulness and abundance of of God. Little gifts over about 3-4 days, each practical and were timely and significant. Each a small blessing.

I have been thinking about those few days, and in actual fact we receive God’s blessings everyday in one form or another. God’s goodness was just highlighted to me over those few days in a very practical way. Sometimes we need reminding and the prompting to count our blessings.

I have been challenged to be much more aware of what I can give to God both through money and other practical ways. By being intentional with my giving I recognised the blessings. Often I go through life, paying little attention to some things and my tithing was one.

I want my life to be reflective of that bucket, continually overflowing because I give out what I receive, a continuous motion.

One thing that was clear about the bucket in the video is that it was never without water.

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