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Gathering Together 

We have put together some information to help us as we gather physically.


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 Gathering Together - keeping you safe 

In order to be able to meet together safely there are number of things we have in place. We have a list of instructions in place to ensure everyone feels comfortable and safe getting together. 


Contact Details 

In order to be able to meet together for church services we have to gathering some personal information eg. name, email and phone number for the Government's Test and Trace to limit the spread of Coronavirus. 


When you register for a church service, or another church event during the Covid-19 pandemic then we are required, by law to gather your personal details which will be passed onto the NHS Test and Trace service should someone within our church family experiencing Covid-19 symptoms and/or had a positive test. 


We will do our absolute best to make our church services and events as safe as possible but if you are clinically vulnerable to Covid-19, you may want to consider carefully whether or not to attend the service; the decision is up to you.


If you suspect you may have coronavirus or have been in contact with someone who has coronavirus, please do not attend the meeting.


If you attend the service and become unwell will Covid-19 related symptoms please leave the service immediately contacting TEC either via email or phone ASAP

Email: admin@tec-church.com

Phone: 01603 860 192


Face Masks

Please can we ask everyone in attendance to please wear a mask throughout the service/event except those under 11 yrs and those who are exempt for medical reasons.


Social Distancing

Don't forget that the social distancing rules still apply (2m apart from others not in your household or support bubble). Seating will be arranged throughout the hall keeping a safe distance from others. Please adhere to this, and ask for assistance if you require any help.


Hand Sanitiser

There will be hand sanitiser available as you arrive, please use this before entering the service.


Arriving and Leaving

Where possible please refrain from congregating together in the foyer, and after the service. Please head straight into the main hall when you arrive and leave as soon as you can afterwards.


In advance of the service the chairs will be set out in a manner that takes account of individuals and bubbles registered to attend. They must remain in an arrangement that conforms with social distancing guidelines.



We are delighted to be able to have worship led from the front at some of our services, but unfortunately singing by the congregation is not allowed. We can still worship together, but will have to do this prayerfully and be led by the team and the Holy Spirit.



We can't wait to see all of our children but please can we ask that as a family you remain together throughout the service, and that children refrain from running around the hall. 



We will be sharing communion together in some of our services but please can we ask you to bring your own 'bread' and 'juice'.



Unfortunately we are unable to provide refreshments.


Tithes and Offerings

Please can we encourage you, where possible to continue tithing online. If however you are unable to do this, there will be a collection point at the exit of our services.



There will be limited facilities available (one disabled toilet) and each person is asked to follow the sanitising instructions which will be displayed.


If you have any questions please do contact us via email; admin@tec-church.com