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Hannah's Story

Hi! I’m Hannah. I’ve attended Puddles for the last year or so, I’m married to Daniel and we have 4 children (Taylor, Madison, Jade and Sarah.)

We’ve been coming to TEC since February & have all felt very welcome. I’m a self-employed Childminder and have been for nearly 3 years, which brought me to Puddles in the first place.

During this strange and worrying time however, I have struggled mentally and financially.

Following the government announcement towards the end of March, it was clarified that I wasn’t allowed to care for the usual 'mindees' unless they had 'keyworker' parents. This only left me with one 'mindee' who’s mum is a doctor and dad works at the research institute, helping with the vaccine.

In the space of a few days, this was a huge strain on our family as I had lost my income and we only had Daniel’s wages to live on. I also had to decide whether to have 'keyworker' children come into my home and put my family at risk, of this awful virus.

The government unfortunately didn’t give us Childminders much guidance and we feel we are 'keyworkers' and we’re just an afterthought.

As a family & after much prayer we decided that I would continue to open but put measures in place - like limiting toys to have out, cleaning them regularly, making sure families handed over their children safely and at a distance, washing hands on arrival.....the list goes on.

We have been praying non stop that the Lord will help us financially and keep us as a family safe, whilst I remain open for 'keyworker' children.

God answered our prayer, and a few weeks ago I have had a new family contact me & I’ve started caring for their son, who’s mum is a 'keyworker' in a care home.

Financially this has been a big help and a true example of God answering our prayers.

I am taking each day as it comes with new guidelines coming out continually but have faith that this will all be over soon & we can start getting back to normal.

Anyone struggling this time I urge you to turn to Matthew chapter 6:25-34, this has a real meaning to Daniel & I.

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