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Thank you for supporting Filling the Gap

We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who gave towards 'Filling the Gap' over the last few weeks. We wold also like to thank the Food Bank for their amazing support with this project, for their food donations and all the Easter eggs. Thank you to the Food Bank volunteer who packed our boxes for us.

We have been able to deliver food and activities to several families in our local community, and with the help from Food Bank we have bee able to provide ingredients for over 300 meals during the Easter holidays, and they have been really appreciated.

Here is some feedback we have received:

'We want to send yourself and everyone at Taverham Evangelical Church our heartfelt thanks for the amazing food support we have received this Easter. Our family is totally overwhelmed by your generosity and cannot thank you enough'.

It's not too late to make a financial contribution if you haven't already. The May half term will be very soon and we will be providing food support again.

Financial contributions can be made online to the SOAKED (Youth) bank account.

Name: 'Taverham Evangelical Church (Soaked)' or 'TEC (Soaked)'

Sort Code: 20-62-68

Account Number: 33561259

Reference: 'Filling the Gap'

Cheques should be made payable to this account, marked 'Filling the Gap' on the back. Please contact us at for details on where to send.

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