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Philippine Outreach Centre Ministries (POC)

Updated: May 1, 2020

Philippine Outreach Centre Ministries is anon-profit organization that endeavours to make a lasting difference in the lives of the Filipino people in need. It is composed of four ministries: Children's HomePrison Ministry, School and Churches.

Update - April 2020

Many of our church members are out of work but get no help from the government so they are really struggling to support their families during a strict lockdown.

This is especially true of the outreach Bible study members we have in the village of Wea. So, by God’s grace we were able to take them some relief goods, including rice and canned goods etc. This is for 26 families.

We couldn’t drive all the way, but we were able to meet a couple of the members and pass the goods to them.  We got glared at by the local authorities as some drove by, but thankfully no trouble!  The members in Wea are on lock down, cannot work and no source of income.  So it was great to get it to them.  It was just in time too, because Baltao is now on complete lock down, no one can get I or out.  So we couldn’t have got the goods there had we not done it that day.  God’s perfect timing.

We also have a blind elderly widow member. So, we are hoping to get through the check points to her as well.

As for our children’s homes, the children are ok by the grace of God. Our house parents do a wonderful job in looking after and taking care of the children.

The restrictions however, are preventing some of our workers doing their duties. There is also a curfew that prevents anyone leaving their homes after 2pm.This too make it hard for our staff to get to and from the children’s homes. But we are managing.

We continue to pray for provisions for the needs, not only of our children but the children of our workers.

Working for POC, is currently the only income supporting their families too. So, they need our prayers.

Of course, we also pray too for the needs of those who support POC as they are now in similar situations themselves. So, we pray seed for the sower at this time, that God will meet their needs also.

Church of course still has rent and other bills to pay with little or no income (this is especially true of our outreach churches, where the pastors have families to support), so we would value your prayers for them too.

By the grace of God, we are doing fine thus far and we believe the Lord will see us through.

One of the people we help, the husband is on dialysis (he’s only in his 20’s with two young children) and because he can’t work during the lockdown, he cannot pay for his blood transfusion. He would value prayer, his name is Edmon.

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